Monday, April 30, 2012

Gothic/Victorian Lace Choker with Key

This listing is for a Gothic/Victorian style necklace and earrings set that features a beaded key on the choker and matching key earrings with beads. The lace work is done by machine embroidery.

The choker is done in black and has cob webs and shell pattern in the lace work. Hanging from the center of the choker is a key that has beads on the right and left side and also in the center of the key. The choker is finished with a double sided satin ribbon that is long enough to fit various neck sizes.

The earrings are also lace and have beads on both sides and in the center to match the choker. The ear wires and eye pins are gold plated.

This set is very elegant and is a great addition to any outfit.

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